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Albright LIFE Centers have enhanced numerous lives, bringing purpose, health solutions, happiness, and safe living to those who need it most.

Albright’s three LIFE Centers (in Lycoming, Lancaster, Lebanon) are stand alone locations offering full health and social services to those 55 or older.

These highly comprehensive, devoted care centers are where seniors go to thrive so they can stay in their homes as long as possible. Participants have the opportunity to come during the day for social activities, therapy and nutritional meals to keep their bodies and minds healthy and active. True to the mission of Albright Care Services, these progressive communities serve to bring purpose and joy to a population who deserve and need passionate caregiving.

The LIFE program is geared to create the highest quality of life for those who are still living independently in their homes or with loved ones. Each location is comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals and caregivers who devote their days to their valued participants. Each team strives to provide meaningful ways for seniors to engage and interact in group or independent recreation along with managing every aspect of each individual’s day-to-day life. These exceptional solutions and services are also focused on helping seniors live optimally at home, especially when they aren’t on-site at the centers.

Beyond socialization, Albright LIFE Centers provide all-inclusive onsite medical care, as participants need it. Whether an individual has a small cough or chronic condition, each center has an on-site board certified physician and nursing staff to first hand accommodate those medical needs and help with medication management.

You can learn more about Pennsylvania LIFE programs by visiting the Pennsylvania LIFE Provider Alliance here: http://www.palifeprograms.org/

Albright LIFE is Pennsylvania’s version of the nationally recognized Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Albright LIFE is an affiliate of Albright Care Services, a faith-based, non-profit organization providing senior care and dynamic retirement living.

About Albright Care Services – A legacy of caregiving

With more than one hundred years of care and compassion for the young and old, Albright Care Services continues to endure and expand its exceptional communities in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley.

As a true community partner and historical presence since the early 1900s, the founding ideals for philanthropy and community participation still permeates through each of Albright’s campuses and programs. This faith-based organization has touched countless lives for a century, and will continue to impact the lives of so many more. Albright Care Services is now affiliated with Asbury Communities. As like-minded not-for-profit, faith-based organizations, Asbury and Albright share a similar mission and set of core values, demonstrating strong accountability to residents and employees for generations; Albright Care Services was established in 1916 and Asbury Communities in 1926.

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